May 012013

Yea, purple potatoes!

So, since my youngest bragged about getting her squats in, I told my trainer.  He promptly decided to one up her.  Drop sets.  So off I went, 50, then 40 then 30 squats with wall squats in between.


Afterward I came home for a quick stop and after collecting Bob we did grilled boneless chops and grilled fries made of purple potatoes after I had a wonderful spinach salad (yum!)

I am a friend pork chop kind of girl so I was a little wary about the grilled chops.  They were great though.  I think I want a little more seasoning and/or fresh garlic on them.  I wasn’t wild about the potato, but I think some of the pieces were cut too thin.  Since they are such a deep color, it’s hard to know when they are done.  Next time we are going to prepare them in the oven.

So here is dinner!

First – the stand by salad.  :)


Now the famous potato in order of preparation:







The final product!  (I didn’t have the peas – I had my veggie packed salad earlier)



I am happy to report that I will my running/walking a 5K on Mother’s Day with my youngest and a friend!



Apr 302013

So I just got a new (additional) job.  I am so pleased because I really didn’t want to leave my current position.  I have been there 15 years and the guys there are like family to me.  SO – I got a job near where my husband works – YAY!  We are gonna celebrate tonight!

SO – I also got new clothes – now I have to dress like an adult.  :)  So with all this new stuff going on and the new month is upon us tomorrow, let’s have a new challenge.



Here are the rules:

JUST TRY!  Yep – that’s the only rule.  If you can’t do them all at once, you will be able to by the end of the month.  Imagine how great your steams are gonna look by the end of May!

You in?


Apr 282013

I am sitting here waiting on my son so we can do brunch.  Wanted to take a second and gt caught up on yesterday’s work out and stellar lunch I had.

Saturday’s are my tougher days in regards to my work out.  I shaved 30 seconds off my half mile (yay me) and I was thrilled about it.

Afterwards I went home and put together this great salad – complete with tomatoes.  I am not a fan of tomatoes but I try to add them whenever I can then I have a whole garlic clove chaser to help.  :)


Sorry the picture is so blurry!  This was filling and delicious and thank you garlic and a killer work out, I was quite fragrant afterwards…..  what do you “struggle” to eat because you know you should?