Jul 072012

You would be surprised how big small changes can be.

Here are a couple:

Bring a water bottle to bed with you at night.  32 ounces is ideal.  Drink that water the entire time you are getting ready in the morning.  I know it seems like alot but trust me it isn’t.  This way you are hydrated first thing and you have water getting your body prepped for the day. You will find that you need that coffee less and less, your skin will be really supple and you will have more energy than before.

Pack your lunch.  Period. Leftovers, salad, tuna pouch and crackers – your choice.  Just do it.

No wine, beer, etc. unless you have worked out that day AND met your water goal.

Stretch before you eat.  Just five minutes.  It gives you pause from stove to table and you just don’t dive in at that same speed.

Don’t eat in front of the TV.  At all.

Try these for the rest of the month and let me know how you do!




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  1. Going without TV during dinner is easier said than done, but we are going to give it a try. One alternative is to tune to one of the music channels – something relaxing and calming. That way you aren’t eating in silence, but won’t be distracted by a show and eat too quickly.

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